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  • Core Business Analysis

  • Core Process Analysis

  • Target Market Analysis

  • Competition Analysis

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Web Design
  • Graphical and Aesthetic Design

  • Process design

  • Logo Design

  • Photography

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Web development
  • Client scripting

  • Server scripting

  • Database programming

  • Multimedia

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Internet Marketing
  • Search engine optimization

  • Search Engine submission

  • Similar Website  index listings

  • Email lists, news letters and related marketing tools

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Web Hosting
  • Domain setup and site configuration

  • Result driven hosting plans

  • Cost efficient hosting plans

  • Performance driven hosting plans

  • Accurate + Reliable statistics enabling site

  • search engine refining

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Website Maintenance
  • Online process smoothing

  • Content updates

  • Debugging

  • Trend updates

  • Competitor related updates

  • Continues Alignment with physical store

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Website Refinement
  • Target research and updating

  • Search engine updates

  • Tracking Similar Website index listings and trends

  • Competitor research and staying on par with competitor offerings

  • Continual process analysis, smoothing, testing and surveys

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Free Website Design

Free website design service

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image showing web design process for developing a successful website
We do web design ...

In a nutshell - QuarterShark does web design, we design and develop websites.  We are located in Cape Town, South Africa. The process by which our websites are constructed we call: our Methodology. A process by which we provide high quality websites.

The aim of web design is to construct a extension of your business enterprise enabling you to expand operations and enter markets previously unexplored.  Designing a website is not difficult. An interesting yet telling phrase used in cryptology is equally applicable to web design – Designing an effective website is extremely easy to get wrong and incredibly difficult to get right.

Contrary to believe, the purpose of web design and creation is not to merely put out a electronic add that your business exists somewhere and how to contact you, but to expand operations in a meaningful and successful way.  

The Nature of the search engine optimization ( SEO ) beast

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  • Internet marketing traffic vs sales, bounce rate and conversion rate explained here

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Introducing Free Web Design:

Free Web Design is a revolutionary new concept in web design by which you as business owner are paid to have a website.  This takes the place of you paying for the website.  It is now the other way around.

Off course we will not stop you if you really want to pay for your own website, that service is offered on this website right here.  The really good thing is, now you have a choice.  You pay for the website or the website pays you.

This business strategy will make it lucrative for you as business owner to have a website.  It takes the financial sting out of owning a website, marketing the website and keeping it updated.  Free Web Design will do all this for you, and in the process you WILL MAKE MONEY, without spending a cent!

Website’s are offered to business owners who sell products or services.  Read more about this ground breaking business strategy here.

image showing the free web design home page

" What our clients had to say about us.... "


Hello QuarterShark

You guys did the web design for our new firm.

Our website got listed at Google within 3 days. Consequently our website went to the top 1 place on Google for several of the keywords we targeted. We reached that top 1 place in 3 weeks.

We did not expect that to happen so fast, since you guys told us it will take time. Needless to say we were very impressed. Our website has gone from nowhere to fairly busy in a short space of time and our website is now bringing in money.

You guys at QuarterShark are the best! Thanks a million!


Arthur Olsen

Cyster Olsen and Borchards Attorneys

A Few words on web design ...

Website design have at least two parts to it, in simple terms.  The part you see, that will be the graphics, the text, the logo’s …all the aesthetically pleasing or (non pleasing) features of the website design.  That is layout and the design part of the website.

Then you have the non-visual part.  The scripting code which makes everything work.  This part ensures that when you click a link on a website the “behind the scenes” processing is done.  Or the form data is validated, or all the required information on the webpage is supplied.

If both parts are designed well, all things go well and well……you the surfer has a good surfing experience on the site.  The opposite is also quite true.  The website can look good but the scripting can be faulty and the website does not function properly leaving you the customer, quite irritated and annoyed…. 

A badly scripted website and the effect it has on a customer is not good.  Such an experience will chase customers away probably to never return again.  Regarding bad customer service, an important aspect that research has shown, is a very minute number of customers actually do the effort to complain.  The majority just leave, without saying a word.
What does this mean to you?  If your website has problems you will be lucky to get a complaint that does show you where the problem is.  For the most part the business will simply not come in, or will be much slower than it should.

The scripting side of your website is the business end of the site.  If that goes wrong, the website goes wrong.  Your prospective website needs to be both, aesthetically pleasing and sound from a scripting (programming perspective).
Not all people where created equal, neither is all websites.

Your customers need a visually pleasing experience coupled with a smooth online browsing and ordering experience. 

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